General / 13 July 2020

Interview with the artist

General / 13 July 2019

Me and my great friend and artist Luana have been interviewed by Desterro Cultural. A nice chat with some wonderfully intelligent people. Portuguese language only.

Pictures from the opening night

General / 18 June 2019

This Friday 14/06/2019 I had the opportunity to meet wonderful friends, colleagues  and collectors in the opening night of my first solo show in Florianópolis, Brazil.

The theme for the show was “Memento “ as in the Latin saying: “Memento Mori”, which  translates as “remember your mortality “. I find this a most fascinating subject for paintings and conversations. And an essencial part of my philosophy in life.

One can say this group of paintings possesses many layers. At first glance it’s a show about skulls. On a more careful look, we realise there is something more. We are talking about “Vanitas”, a subject of paintings very common throughout art history. Vanitas usually are about remembering ourselves of our mortality, and also about the unimportant things we value in our life.

My paintings are not about death, as one might think on a superficial analysis. It’s about life. It’s about nature. Nothing is as natural as death itself, and we must never forget this. For it is this knowledge of the near end that reminds us to forget about the mundane and live life at it’s fullest.

On another layer, it’s also about painting handling , color and design. By limiting myself to compose the paintings using only one skull, I was able to explore everything I hold dearly in my heart about my craft. Much thought were put in deciding the color schemes and the edge play and rhythms of my brushstrokes through the canvas.

And to the night itself: So many bright people united in the same place, celebrating life, art, gastronomy and music. I would like to thank Breno Reis and Márcio Fountoura for organising the show at ThinkArt Gallery. I would like to thank Camila at Eureka Vegan Gastronomy for all the delicious food. The Unika Beer, for providing us with such a delicious beverage. And the musicians Rodrigo Martins Deo and Fernando Caramori for the wonderful sound.

Lastly, thank again to all the friends, students and collectors that came. I feel blessed to have you around and thank you for your continuous support.

Now, to the pictures!